URBAN LIGHT & SHADOWS Geometry, Irony and the Human Condition

The situations and objects that often catch my photographic eye have to do with the geometry, symmetry, the constantly changing nature of light and shadows, and the ever present irony of life.  Most of the photographs you see here are candid snapshots, captured in real time, in the spur of the moment, sometimes even from my car.  I’m particularly interested in how advertising plays an integral role in telling a story when use in the contest of homelessness.  The irony of the statements made by the juxtaposition of these human beings set against messages that encourage our endless consumption fascinates me.  Likewise, I’m also drawn to the beauty of mundane details, things we hardly ever take the time to look at.  I find the exquisite dance within these urban landscapes, constantly being played out between geometry, light and shadow to be quite mesmerizing, and in some cases down right poetic.

Each signed gyclée edition consists of 25 images.

Cost per print: $325.00