KR8TIVE GUNS thrives on simplicity and consumer insights, therefore our creative philosophy is simple:  Learn all you can.  Try all you want. See what there is to see.  Explore and experiment.  Make mistakes. Climb vast peaks, and plunge to hidden depths. Be decent, be depraved,  be boring, be radical. Fall in love, wallow in hate.  Smell like a flower, stink like a fish. Laugh and cry.   And then forget it all, and  find   your   own   way.


KR8TIVE GUNS, is a full service creative agency. We offer research, planning, conceptual development, branded entertainment, production and direction services.  We specialize in developing strategies that work in reaching and understanding the Latino youth market.  However, our expertise cover all demographics.  Our model is simple.  We’re a stealth agency.  We work in conjunction with large  advertising agencies that are looking to understand and profit from the ever-growing Latino Market.  We offer an alternative to a full partnership with a Latino agency, and allow our clients to garner new revenue streams by providing Latino Marketing services to new or existing clients. 

KR8TIVE GUNS was founded by Fidel Arizmendi in 2004.  Since its inception, we’ve helped several agencies win new business as well as develop award winning campaigns for such distinguished accounts as Wells Fargo, Miller Beer, Allstate Insurance, Honda, Hyundai, Ford, Humana, Jack Daniel’s, Coca Cola,  McDonald’s, Kettle One, Public Storage, Anti Tobacco, Daniel’s Jewelers, and many more.